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Logo on Navbar not resizing

Hello there. Anyone knows why I can’t resize the image for my logo just by clicking/holding/dragging on the edge of the image element? Could it be something with the display setting for the element, which is set to block in this case, so it’s on: Body>Hero>Nav>Container>Logo(Link element)>Image.

Here’s the link:

Try using a logo image that is not 3550 pixels wide to begin width. Might solve the issue.

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Thanks for the quick answer! What would be the ideal size for the logo?

No bigger than 2x the size of it as displayed. That way you can use HDPI (retina). So if you want it to be 125 px wide, I would upload a 250px wide asset (PNG) for a logo.

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Thanks bud. I just changed the image size, but I’m still not able to drag the bottom right corner to resize it. I set the width to: 306px 162px, to no avail.

Any other ideas?

Can you detach the navbar from the symbol so I can test something? I can’t in read-only mode.

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Hi there. it’s done. I’m curious as to what’s not letting me resize this. Thanks again for the help.

If you remove the class on the image (which has width settings) the image can be manipulated via dragging. At least on my machine.

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That did it. Thanks!