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Logo invisible until clicked

This is driving me crazy. I made a side Nav-bar and added an animation on click, turned the nav-bar into a symbol and drag it into the other pages of this site. It seems fine in the designer but when I publish the site to see how its looking the logo seems gone from the secondary pages (It’s on from the beginning only in the Home page). It appears when I click where the logo is, and it does the animation. You just can’t see it. Looks like if there’s a 0% opacity waiting for the click, but I have not set any opacity on it at all. I double checked and went into the Interaction to see if I’m missing something. But there is nothing that should be starting the logo as invisible on every page except the home page. The Interaction are Jello on 1st click and Spin on second. It looks really cool, specially for kids. But why it is not visible? There must be something I’m missing. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Here is my site Read-Only:

Live website:

I think this has something to do with initial states but your read-only doesn’t work to see if that is so.

I don’t know why it’s not working. I will paste it again: (Generated a new one)

This one works.

It is a simple oversight (you would’ve figured out quickly yourself I think) - the on page load animation that makes your logo appear should be set up on every page. :slight_smile:

I though that would be on every page as the other effects. Why one is dragging with the Symbol and other won’t?

Because this one is happening basically because the page is loaded not because of something you do to the element itself like hover or click or whatever, see? The element dependent interactions are transferred along with the elements they are attached to. The page load interactions are not attached to the elemets but to the page itself. Therefore you should manually add all ix for every page. I know it is tedious but at least you have only three. I had sometimes like ten or a dozen to introduce into every one of a dozen of pages - that wasn’t fun at all.

I see. Well I guess that should do it. Thanks for the tip! It was indeed a simple oversight.