Interaction Nav is not working as a symbol in secondary pages

Hi Guys!

I know there is already a topic on this, but there is no solution… Please see my public link below. I just have a very simple interaction that only works on the homepage but not on the secondary pages…

Here is my public share link: Read Only Link

I have attached 2 screenshots. 1: is the homepage interaction bar 2: secondary page interaction bar (exclamation mark inside of the triangle).


  • Currently I had to manually duplicate the action on each page to link to the “Brand” item. It works, but there must be a better way of doing this!!
  • If I duplicated the entire page with the interaction, the duplicated page’s interaction will work. However, if I copy and paste the symbol or insert the symbol it won’t work.

Please advise. Thank you,

Alex Cheng

Here is my public share link: