Logic create CMS item will not allow 'live item'

I have been able to use a form to create a brand new simple CMS item in Logic (BETA). However it can only be stored as a draft or staged for publish, not as a ‘live item’. This option is greyed out. Does anyone have any idea why this might be?

Any updates on this it will not work for me either. All the options are available in the dropdown but when I click staged for publish or live it does not select the option.

The Logic feature is not ready for prime time.

I hit (seemly random) issues with it and at times it just flat out not working. They’re getting there, but do consider it very much the beta they are telling us it is.

There is a disclaimer somewhere that the Webflow team doesn’t recommend turning on logic flows on live websites, yet.

That said, here are a couple of threads on this topic in the Logic Beta forum:

If you dig through them you can see that either staff is looking into, or people of discovered workarounds (like un-publishing and then re-publishing) to get past their specific cases.

Hope that helps!

Mine did the exact same thing 100 times, the fix for me was to duplicate the flow and connect the new one instead. So basically start over

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