Localization for E-commerce plans?

Hey everyone!

I am stoked about the new localization feature!

The first site I had planned to set up for localization is an e-commerce site.
And just as I get started, it tells me to switch/downgrade to a CMS plan.
Is this right? Is localization not available for e-commerce?
And if not, when will it be available?

// CT


+1 on this one. I don’t get how it works for CMS-plans but not for E-Commerce plans. That’s like the number 1 place to use Localization


+1 I guess the implementation for e-com is on its way…
Otherwise I don’t see the point :face_with_monocle:

Still waiting @webflow give us some info please

Seriously @webflow, please turn this on

@webflow It would be great to hear about any timelines for this. I have a client who wants to go forward with Webflow for her online business but this could be a show stopper.

Also looking to use localization with e-commerce. I started building a website, and then purchased an e-commerce plan, only to discover all internationalization features vanished from the designer tool… so disappointing!

+1 Really shame to have come quite a bit in the set up of the ecommerce and find out there is no localisation option so I’ll probably have to do it with memberstack or some other solution. :slight_smile:

Does anyone know if this has been solved yet?
I’m scoping out a project and researching for their future needs, I need to show / hide products based on location (even if it is just conditional visibility on 2 filtered collection lists).

I have a test project set up in my agency workspace with ecomm + user accounts enabled and configured, and its showing me the localization settings and allowing me to add locals… prompting to upgrade localization plans but not to downgrade to CMS as mentioned in this thread, so it seems like its now available on ecomm plans? Hoping this is not just because its on my agency account (free ecom / cms projects while on webflow domain).

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Hi Jake,

Thank you for this post. I had a long thread with Webflow support on this some time back and my client has just shared your post with me.

I’m going to re-open that thread and see if something has changed.

Previously, and I thought this was still the case, I was getting the downgrade to CMS message, but not actually able to do anything (from an Ecommerce Plus plan).

I’m OOO right now but noted this down.

If I don’t get back to you today hit me up tim@flowcraft.studio (just got a million things on rn!)

This limitation is a significant drawback for those of us who manage online stores. Common Webflow!

Hi all.
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We support both multi-lingual and multi-currency. Also, our multi-lingual functionality works with Webflow Localization, Weglot, and other services.

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It is crazy that, in the middle of development, we have found out that translating products is not possible!

Webflow does not focus much on its eCommerce, probably because they find that Webflow eCommerce usage is low. However, the logic is the opposite: the reason for the low usage is that the current features are too weak…

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