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Localised content

Is there a way to swap content on a page based on viewer location?

I live in Indonesia where Vimeo is currently blocked (six years and counting). I’d like to have a Vimeo clip embeded on one of my pages but where the video falls back to YouTube if the user IP is from Indonesia or China etc.

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@zissou - via javascript you could do that - not built into Webflow without just building an alternate version of the site but that would most likely rely on user selection rather than ip origin detection.

@sam-g do you know where I could find a script like that

@zissou - what is your comfort level with JavaScript? This shouldn’t be too difficult, but there are a variety of things to think about like setting a cookie, asking the user to allow you to get their location, etc…

That may not all be necessary in this case, but I don’t think you are going to find pure plug and play code that accomplishes exactly what you are looking to do.

I’d prefer not to have to ask the user to choose their location so cookies may be the way