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Load page at the top when the user refreshes


I would like that, when the users has already scrolled on the page and refreshes it, the page loads once again at the top.

Is there any way to achieve that?

I have tried this code, but there’s a weird jump.

window.onbeforeunload = function() {window.scrollTo(0,0);}

Here is the link to see this code working:


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You can set body opacity to 0 by default, then scroll to page top on load, then use JS or an interaction to unhide body.

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Wow, I had not fallen in that. I’m goint to try it.

Thanks @samliew :slight_smile:

I have tried but it’s not working. Maybe I’m doing it wrong. This is what I have done so far:

1- Add body opacity to 0 as initial appearence on the trigger.
2- Add this lines of code to the footer (the once you give it to me don’t work):

$(window).on('beforeunload', function(){

3- Finally, when the page finishes loading, I unhidded the body.

I don’t know what’s wrong, but the problem persists:


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The one I posted above should work. The one you posted is incorrect.

Also you have an error here, as there is no project-name element on the home page. Since there is an error, the script halts there and won’t continue. See developer console for error details.

var str = document.getElementById("project-name").innerHTML;
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Completly forgot to delete that code, sorry. I’ve changed to yours but nothing happens…

Take a look if you can.

Sorry and thanks for your time,

What interaction are you using to unhide the body? Are you using on page load or after content load?

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Alright, I’ve played around a bit more and figured this might be the best solution that is consistent:

$(window).on('beforeunload', function() {



Wow, it works perfect!!! :smile:

Thanks a lot for your time @samliew, you are awesome!! :slight_smile:


Have a nice day,

Ah, after viewing your site, I now understand why you need this.

Well done on the animations!

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Thanks a lot @samliew :slight_smile:

Forgive me bothering you again :frowning:

Today I’ve noticed a problem that originates this code. When clicking on the mailto (at the footer of the page), it just loads the page and makes the body hidden. I think I need something that unhides it when clicking this property to deny the other script. I have almost none javascript knowledge. Could you help me with this?

Here is what I mean:

Thank you,

Hmm usually what I’ll do for mailto: links is to open them in a new tab/window. You might also want to remove it since you have a contact form, and avoid email harvesters from capturing your email address for spam purposes.

Do you mean this?

The problem with that “open on a new window”, is that opens a blank window without sense.

In my experience, there are some users that hate forms and prefer to contact directly from their personal mail. In fact, I’m one of them :joy::joy:

Updated sandbox page

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Man, it works perfect. You are awesome.

Once again, thank you very much. :relaxed:


Thats great! thank you Samliem.

It is working for me on desktop but not on mobile…