How to load page at the bottom of 'body'?

I’m looking to build a website that loads at the bottom and the user scrolls up. I think this will take some custom jquery code but I’m not sure how to integrate it into webflow, and what exact code to write. Any help would be amazing.

Yes, that behavior requires Javascript to work. However, it’s often used for very long pages or lists, where the content is pulled from a database and almost endless.

What’s your design goal? Because if you tell us tht you have a very finite, let’s say 10 sections to unveil one after another, this is something you can handle with Webflow interactions easily. It requires an OnScroll trigger, some rule saying "when this comes into/out of view, then do this. "Do this " would be make a section appear or unfold…

Tell us and we will advise accordingly.

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I appreciate your response and expertise @vincent.

The design:

The slogan of the company is “Reach for the clouds.” As such I am designing the website to load at the bottom of the page where the first section is. The user will scroll up to unveil the story and at the top will be the “cloud” with the Call to Action button. I’ve not decided on the navigation bar or what other pages will be included.

So really I’m trying to make a different experience for the user by changing the scrolling behavior. I would love to be able to implement this using webflow’s interface and not custom code, because while I’m proficient with code, I’m not sure how to test and integrate my custom code.

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