Load More Button Help!

I’ve been reading up on other cases of people needing a Load More button and nothing fits exactly what I’m trying to do, so wondering if it’s do-able within Webflow.

The column holding information cards would be the 3 most recent items in the category, but I have 20+ of these cards I’d like to show my audience, but ONLY if they “Load More” - the Load More button making the additional cards fill right below, extending the section down.

The information cards are not CMS items, they’re just visuals built out with a CTA linked externally.

Any insight on how to go about building something like this would be great!

Hey @BenchPrep, you should be able use Webflow’s Interaction to do this.

Set a height as default for 1 row and then when User clicks load more, set Height to Auto.

If that doesn’t work you may want to look into custom coding

Thanks! This pointed me in the right direction and got things to work.