How do I setup the collection in rows?

Hi Team :slight_smile:

I am trying to figure out a way of creating a series of ‘block’ interactions, with the info built of a collection into rows, at least that’s what I think I’m supposed to do, not sure?

Please see my screen shots below.

Image 1 : before I press the ‘more info’ button

Image 2 : Currently doing this, looks messy.

Image 3 : What I’m trying to do once the interaction is open on a single element.

The project link is below and the page is Projects / Current Projects.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Try wrapping the projects and then aligning top:

You might have to play with your interactions to not show on all.

Hi @Saff, I think you should use height interaction and not hide/show, i.e. define the hidden part as height=0 and when the title is clicked, set the height to 340px.

Hi Thomas and Naama

Not sure if this is a bug or I’m simply doing something wrong :slight_smile:

Please see screen shot, I’ve set the Collection List to wrap, was initially working however it did drop all 3 on the row, however now that I’ve changed the animation to “size” the hidden Wrapper “Wrapper Projects Bottom” is not running/ moving with the interaction, they are remaining static, any thoughts?


Thank you again for your help.