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Live Chat embed on Webflow Workshops

Hey @PixelGeek, how are you doing the live chat on the Workshops page? Are you just recording a screencast of the chat widget?

Would love a play-by-play of how you set up and run the workshops + the setup for the page itself!

(Or a link if you’ve already done this somewhere).

Just bumping this because I’d love to know how you’ve set this up. With the video, chat and screencap, it’d be perfect for our company to use to demo our SaaS app. Just not sure how you’re doing it. Thanks in advance, @PixelGeek!

I’m pretty sure Nelson uses a program to record his monitor during stream, uses a camera to record himself, and then uses another area of a monitor to record the live chat. The live chat is provided by the YouTube live stream service.

sorry for not replying earlier to this. Here’s my setup:

  • - for streaming my desktop, webcam & mic
  • logitech c920 - webcam
  • Blue Yeti USB Mic
  • Windows 10 / PC

As for my desktop setup while streaming

  • 1 main browser window for everything
  • 1 chat room browser window
  • a PNG image for the graphic overlay
  • Also I used Chrome Window Resizer extension to save the window sizes
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Now, you know you’re gonna have to do a Workshop on your Workshops setup :slight_smile:


i’m down to show that during the beginning on the next workshop :slight_smile:

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