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Lists in rich text element (RTE): Is there a way to indent or create sub-level lists

I’m trying to create sub-steps for a procedure in blog CMS records. When I’m editing in an RTE, however— there’s no way to indent the sub steps. Is there a way to do this?

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Hey @randyapex! It is not possible natively, unfortunately, but the talented Joe Krug (@Finsweet) has a video on how to achieve this. See this website:

Hope that helps. Welcome to the Community! :confetti_ball:


Hey, @mattvaru, is this supposed to work with CMS dynamic content? I tried it and I can’t get it to work. I placed the “~” in the CMS rich text field but when I design the page collection for that CMS collection list, the “~” shows up. So is it intended to work in the CMS and on a collection page with dynamic content?

Also, where should the code be placed? In the head of the home page or collection page? Or the actual static page? Lots of questions. Thanks in advance for shedding some light on this for someone who is a newbie at web design and Webflow. @Finsweet

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Hey @rmjjkj ! This code should be in the body. It will not work if places in the head. It should also work with dynamic content. Please send a share link and I’ll take a look. Thanks!

Hi @Finsweet, thanks so much for replying. Here’s a link to the project. Please take a look at the Search for Students collection page. Also, how can I get the size of the type to be the h4 as paragraph above? By adding a class?

@rmjjkj - I’m confused - I don’t see the script or any classes on the page to make these sub bullets work. Have you watched the video tutorial?

@Finsweet I did. I must not be understanding things correctly.

In the video you say “We don’t need any classes or ID’s for this hack to work. We don’t need a class on the rich text editor, we don’t need a class on the list item, we don’t need a class on the list. Everything is working with custom code and a tilde character…Inside the head, we’re going to be applying some custom css styles; before the closing body tag, we’re going to be inserting our javascript…”

@rmjjkj Yes, I don’t see any custom code in the head or body of that page. On the published site I don’t see any any custom code entered either. Where are you putting the css styles and the javascript?

@Finsweet i added it to the home page, not knowing for sure where it should go. I did try it in the head and body of that collection page. I will move it back.

Hello! I’ve paused the video a few times to type out all the code into my project settings Custom Code, but it doesn’t seem to work. Do you have the code posted somewhere I can copy/paste it? I’ve also cloned your master project, but cant seem to find the code there either.


You can copy code from this site

@Finsweet works perfectly! thank you! This is such a minor detail that’s overlooked by Rich text editor yet very necessary for clients.

Thank you @mattvaru for posting this and a huge thank you to @Finsweet for the solution!!!