[LIST] Useful Plugins that can be Embedded via Custom Code

I love sharing amazing free embeddable tools that enhance the user experience of a website.

  1. https://calendly.com (Free plan)
  2. https://360player.io (Free lifetime account)
  3. https://curator.io/ (Free forever plan)
  4. http://mixlr.com/ (Free trial then starts from $9.99 per month)
  5. https://www.moonclerk.com (From $15 per month)
  6. https://donorbox.org (Free if you receive less than $1,000 per month) Installation guide
  7. calculoid.com (Free plan)
  8. https://www.biodigital.com - Installation guide
  9. https://mapme.com (From $19 per month) - Installation guide
  10. https://www.checkfront.com (Free trial then £29 per month) - Installation guide
  11. https://www.formsite.com (Free forever plan) - Installation guide
  12. https://koordinates.com - Installation guide
  13. https://bespotful.com (7 days free trial then from $14 per month) - Installation guide
  14. https://pictogon.com - (Free plan or $4 per month unlimited plan)
  15. https://memberful.com (Free plan, although 10% transaction fee)
  16. https://giveforms.com (Free setup, Stripe fees from 1.9%)

I hope you find these tools useful. I’ll try to add more to the list when I can.




Forums & Communication Tools

Website: http://muut.com

Forums, commenting and messaging right on your site. Unlimited posts, users and traffic, for free.

Why I recommend Muut?

  1. Super easy and quick to setup
  2. Beautiful and simple user interface design
  3. Amazing customer support - Always there for you when you really need it
  4. Acknowledges user feedback and implements feature requests

It would be great if you can provide a short description of what functionality each website’s tool provides, instead of just a link. Better still if you can split them into a post per item, like the one I moved (from an old thread) and edited for you above.


Thanks for the suggestion @samliew.

I compiled this list at 2am but I’m definitely adding the benefits at some point this week.

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Thanks so much, some crackers in there. Love calculoid - spot on for two current customers.

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Funnily enough I just did that!

Arrange meetings https://calendly.com 9 (Free plan) - Live demo http://webbify.co.uk/book8
360 degree image maker https://360player.io19 (Free lifetime account)
Cool social image aggragator https://curator.io/12 (Free forever plan)
Broadcasting sound User 13 is on Mixlr. Mixlr is a simple way to share live audio onl... (Free trial then starts from $9.99 per month)
Simple online payments https://www.moonclerk.com12 (From $15 per month)
Money donator https://donorbox.org6 (Free if you receive less than $1,000 per month) Installation guide
Online Calculator - brilliant! calculoid.com10 (Free plan)
Odd body lookup system https://www.biodigital.com10 - Installation guide
Clever mapping https://mapme.com6 (From $19 per month) - Installation guide1
Online booking https://www.checkfront.com7 (Free trial then £29 per month) - Installation guide
Forms https://www.formsite.com8 (Free forever plan) - Installation guide
Geo info https://koordinates.com10 - Installation guide
Clever video links Reverseable :wink: https://bespotful.com7 (7 days free trial then from $14 per month) - Installation guide


This is an excellent list. Thank you! I also use uCalc: https;//ucalc.pro/en


Thanks for sharing that link @Andrew_Wilsons :smiley: Looks incredible!

Found another amazing tool - Create an image map for your website https://pictogon.com

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The list of forms and quiz constructor https://stepform.io can still be attributed to this list.