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List of Webflow Freelancers (2016)

Name: Marius Jurtz


Webflow Profile:

Age: 29

Language: German, English

Skillset: Web Design, Webflow, CMS, Responsive Design, Logo design, Icon Design

Experience: About 10 Years, 3 years professional education in design with qualification (2011)

Get In Touch: PM or email

Hello, I’m Marius, a professional digital designer based in Germany with passion for webdesign, branding and beautiful print layouts.

Name: William D’Aust


Webflow Profile:

Age: 34

Language: English

Skillset: Webflow/Webflow Interactions; CMS; Graphic Design; Logo Design; Presentation Design; UI/UX

Experience: Webflow For about 2 Years

Location: Split Between Los Angeles, CA and Upstate New York, USA


Details: I’m a freelancer based in NY and LA who has a passion for making beautiful websites that stand out in a crowd. My mantra is good communication leads to good service. I’ve been using webflow for close to 2 years and feel that I can create pretty much any project out there with this amazing tool. I accept all major credit cards, checks and venmo.

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Hi there, everyone

Company: Bawlz
Webflow: :heart_eyes_cat:
Location: Vienna, AUSTRIA
Languages: German, English, Spanish, French
Specialized: Webdesign, Photography, Copywriting (engl./ger.)

„We make the unlikely happen. Like brawn with brains or a fresh breeze on a hot summer night.
We are Bawlz! We are a digital design studio. Creative problem-solvers. A think-tank of hands-on tinkerers. We are here to help you stand out on the internet.
We focus on your strongest traits, and let the idea rule the design. We are two handfuls of creative mischief brought together by a common desire to pair the functional with the extraordinary… and a limitless appetite for homemade fast-food.
We are like McGyver, battling the odds with our Swiss Army knife and the unbearable charm of a toddler on ecstasy.
We are not up all night to get lucky, but because exceeding expectations is what lights our fire. Above all, we tell your story the way the world needs to hear it. And, - Yes! - we’ll add some fun for good measure. Just because.
We are Bawlz! Work is play. Come play with us.“

Open for: work/challenges/collaborations/
We are currently building our portfolio, so we are especially looking to projects that are bit out of the ordinary. Though we will build you whatever you want, as long as you allow us to make you look good :wink:

Cheers Chris

Name: Esteban Valdez


Webflow Profile:

Age: 28

Language: English

Skillset: HTML5, CSS3, basic Javascript, Webflow, Webflow Interactions, Webflow CMS, Basic graphic and logo design

Experience: Over two years in web development, 1 year working with Webflow

Location: United States in Temecula, CA just north of San Diego


Bio: Freelancer located in Temecula, CA. I love learning about technology and the web which motivates me to keep up with the latest stable trends in the industry. Began as a web developer but shortly after discovering Webflow I have been honing my skills in web design. I can build anything I see and can create something from nothing. I accept any form of payment that I can transform into money. Wait for it…smiley face =)

P.S. - I have soft skills too! I love communicating and require open lines of discussion between me and my clients. I also educate my clients on use of their new site so as to empower them to take control of the day to day aspects of running a website.

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Name: Joe Million
Location: Leeds, United Kingdom
Languages: English
Experience: 6 years freelance, 1 year agency
Contact: /

Info: I run a creative agency with a collective of freelancers called Seesaw - - between us, we offer a diverse set of skills that have been refined over years of hard graft.

We work with businesses and individuals of all shapes and sizes to develop brands, websites and printed material. We take a thorough brief. Our design process is strategic, backed up with research and focused around your audience.

You can also find my personal website and portfolio at

I have been working with Webflow for over a year now and originally learned to code by writing HTML and CSS manually. I work with other developers as needed on more complex projects.

Name: Renan Múfalo

Website: No website yet :frowning: - “portfolio” below

Webflow Profile: - Most of my work is not in my Webflow profile.

Age: 32

Language: Portuguese (Brazillian - Native), English

Skillset: Webflow, Webflow Interactions, Webflow CMS, Visual Design (Photoshop, Illustrator), Mobile Design, Basic UI/UX, HTML5, CSS3, Opencart, E-mail marketing tools, etc.

Experience: 15 years, and the last 2 years working with Webflow

Location: Brazil

Contact: - Skype: renan.mufalo

Bio: I have extensive experience in design, i’m graduated in design and I was Art Director for 12 years here in Brazil,

I work for US agencies, Israel and Australia as freelancer. Most of them are delivering sites altogether, from design to Webflow. All also follow the same line: no matter how, as long as the job gets done right, on time and at a fair price.

While I worked at the company for 12 years, I participated in a project that won the AWWWards called Experiencia Lecom. And another quoted above with the *** I made recently won an honorable mention but was not appointed.

I have a lot of published projects, let me show a few: - the last one

Also, please take a look at my ranking at Upwork.



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