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List of Webflow Freelancers (2014-2015)

Name: Rui Almeida
Age: 33
Contry: Portugal - Azores
Languages: Portugese, English and Spanish.
WebFlow: Loooove it

Portfolio ->

I have 14 hears of expericen on webdesign, UI interfaces and Video production, and i start working with webflow since the beginning.


Name: Philip Ingram

Age: 38

Country: USA, CA

Languages: English

Experience: Graphic design and custom websites since early 2k

Webflow: Using Webflow since early beta

Portfolio: In the redesign phase but here are some recent sites.

Process: photoshop > webflow > optimize (ie > wordpress (Ultimatum framework)


Name: James Blair
Company: LionsMouth Digital
Location: Dallas, TX USA
Specialize in: Digital Strategy, Optimization, and .com re-designs

At LionsMouth our focus is creating the best experience for our clients by focusing on their business, understanding their digital objectives, and developing a strategy to help accomplish those goals. Every site should be driven by a sound strategy that encompasses not only design, but content first and foremost. By using Webflow, we are able to go through an agile development process that ensures you’re getting a final product that you love and that helps push your business forward because you get to see and experience it through several iterations.

If you need a new site, or just an update to your current one feel free to reach out to us and we can walk you through our process.

James Blair
Founding Partner
LionsMouth Digital

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Name: Matthew Marshall
Age: 24
Location: Atlanta, GA USA
Languages: English
WebFlow: Member since August 2013

Portfolio ->

I’m a UX Designer focused on social good and love making the world a better place using the web, design, and technology. I help clients from ideation, strategy, and UX to project management and delivery. Feel free to email me at


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Name: Vihan Van Der Walt
Company: Dotted Designs
Specialize in: Website Design, Graphic Design, Social Media Management, Ad Campaign Management

Dotted Designs specialises in Website & Graphic Design, Social Media and Ad Campaign Management while also offering Printing & Photography Services.

Name: Craig Teel
Country: United States
Capabilities: Full service design, marketing, and brand strategy. 10+ years of making brands awesome through digital design, 15+ years of traditional print design, brand strategy & positioning, marketing/advertising campaign strategy and implementation.
Find out my similarities to pumas at


Name: Jonathan Patterson
Website: (made in Webflow!)
Location: United States, Detroit
Specialty: UX/UI
Experience: 10+ years (Webflow since 2014)

Contact me if you have a design created and you want it converted to a Webflow site. I’m a designer by trade, which means, 1: I won’t miss the small details that developer-only guys neglect. 2: If your design is overly complex it’s probably not for me. Contact me via email to discuss.

Include in your email:

  1. An image of your design
  2. A general idea of your budget ($1,000, $2,500 etc.)

Let’s Get Started!


Name: Anton Kiselev-Minaev
Website: (made in Webflow!)
Location: Russia, St. Petersburg
Languages: Russian, English
Specialty: Website Design, Graphic Design

Contact me via email to discuss.

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Name: Teresa Klusaw
Location: U.S. Nebraska
Experience: Over 10 years in web design & development
Specialty: Full Service Design, Marketing, Photoshop, Illustrator, Logos, and E-commerce.

I love designing and working with clients.

Feel free to contact me with your project - large or small.

Name: Daniel Kaye
Location: London, United Kingdom
Website: (made in Webflow)
Speciality: UX Website Design, Copywriting and Marketing

  • I started many years ago building websites for charities but have since branched out across various sectors, building beautiful, responsive websites.
  • With 15 years of copywriting experience, writing about multiple industries, from financial markets and retail stores to telecommunications companies and the mining industry, to name but a few, I know how to make words work both on and offline.
  • I’ve spent years marketing online and offline from individuals to large organisations, getting people to act upon what they see, read and hear.

We Design London is a straight-talking small company with big experience, so we can act fast, which reduces the cost to you.

Name: DragonDon

Country: Canada/Europe

Languages: English (some French, some Korean)

Webflow: Using Webflow since early beta on July 2013.


Web design is just one part of my Blue Jeans Tech ( Business Consulting.

Name: Alex Kargapolov
Age: 31
Contry: Russia
Languages: English, Russian
Specialty: Website Design
WebFlow: Since 2014
Personal page:
Skype: mastah_koff

Name: Steven Persson
Age: 30
Contry: Sweden
Languages: English, Swedish
Specialty: Website Design and Print
WebFlow: Since early 2014
Personal page:
Skype :StevenVSPersson

Name: Eugene Dobrik
Age: 35
Contry: Ukaine
Languages: English

Specialty: UI & Website Design
WebFlow: Since 2014
Personal page:
Portfolio: Dribbble & Behance
Skype: nuetige

I specializes in mobile application design, web design. I am open for freelance. If you have any questions feel free to contact me:

Name: Artem Marochkanych;
Age: 19;
Contry: Ukraine;
Languages: English, Russian and Ukrainian;
Skype: jsmart555

I am a qualified Front End developer from Eastern Europe with 3+ year experience in freelance field. Please feel free to contact me:

Name: Teresa Klusaw
Location: U.S. Nebraska
Experience: Over 10 years in web design & development
Specialty: Webflow Assistance

Posting here again, because I have a new website dedicated to providing Webflow assistance.

Feel free to contact me with your project - large or small.

Name: Amanda Nicolau
Location: U.S. Florida
Experience: Over 3 years in web design & development
Specialty: Webflow Assistance, Web Design and Development

I design creative and unique responsive web sites for new business owners or resdesigns for current businesses. My website offers different packages and optional add-ons based on your needs. I have experience with several businesses with the design and development using webflow.

Thank you, Amanda Nicolau

Name: Joshua Kratt

Age: 15

Country: U.S.A

Languages: English, 53 Spanish Words

Webflow: I’ve been using Webflow since August of 2015. It’s truly amazing!


As you might have guessed, I’m in high school and love web design! I especially love the freedom that Webflow gives you to design and make your design flow with interactions. Back in April of 2015 I got my first client through word of mouth from my mom. Her hair salon needed a website and even though I did it as a hobby, I thought it would be neat to give it a shot.

I worked hard to make it good, but she ended up not using the website because she preferred her website better. I was a bit bummed out, but I learned a lot. During the project she mentioned that the price “should be this because you are adding text and images to a template.” Ouch.

I found Webflow (somehow) and I could finally call myself a real Web Designer who creates from scratch!


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