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List of Webflow Freelancers (2021)

Continuing from the most recent list: List of Webflow Freelancers (2020) .

Please read the guidelines below prior to posting in this thread.

If you are a freelancer:

Please tell us about yourself, and what services you offer. Do include links to and screenshots of your portfolio.

If you have posted in past-year’s megathread, take this opportunity to re-list your services here.

If you are searching for a freelancer or posting work:

Please contact the freelancer(s) directly via email or private message. Kindly refrain from posting in this thread.

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Example (but feel free to adjust to fit your own needs):

Name: Andy Vaughan


Portfolio: (update coming soon!)

Location: Lincolnshire, UK

Languages: English

Specialities: Webflow, Zapier, Integromat, Memberstack, Airtable, White Label Partnerships, GDPR Compliance & Assurance, Discourse Forum Installations

Contact: Through this forum, or via email

Other Information:

For 2021 I am extremely proud to be working closely as Jolly Good Web with my partner agency Original Bear Media. Rounding off 2020 with a large whitelabelled project for a tech consultancy with turnover in the millions (on behalf of a London-based branding agency), we have decided to focus primarily on white labelled development services.

Get in touch if you are looking for experienced Webflow development services to offer under your own brand! (Still available for the smaller jobs though - SMEs rock!).

Have also recently been playing with Zapier, Memberstack and Airtable to create fully functional client dashboards, with the ability for website visitors to be able to upload content straight to the website (using the Webflow CMS). Also experienced in other integrations, for example tying in CRMs such as Hubspot directly into Webflow.

Other Recent Projects:

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Agency Name: Original Bear Media


Location: United Kingdom

Languages: English, French, Spanish

Specialities: Webflow Design & Development, Integromat, Memberstack, Airtable, Javascript, JQuery, Web Integrations and White Label Partnerships. GDPR & Compliance Audits for European clients.

Contact: Schedule a discovery call or reply on here

Other Information: Original Bear Media work exclusively with the Webflow platform to deliver fully responsive websites that maximise your investment and engage your customers with original design that helps you to stand out. From landing pages to showcase sites, from creative masterpieces to ecommerce, we have produced over 200 websites in the last five years.

We understand that sometimes you want things to function in ways they weren’t exactly designed for and it is our expertise with web integrations where we truly excel by providing solutions that others can’t. Whether we are burning the midnight oil writing some custom code or wiring up an Integromat scenario to automate your workflow, we have a genuine passion for making ‘stuff’ work against the odds.From JS calculators to zapier, Memberstack and airtable, we have the experience to make things connect.

White Label Partnerships. Working closely with our partner agency Jolly Good Web, we have hundreds of hours of build experience, providing white label development services. We work with both Figma and XD, project manage, provide training and integrate cohesively with your team to become an essential resource.

Other Recent Projects:


Business Name: Green Panda


Location: Nebaska

Specialties: Webflow Design & Development, Logo Design, Membership Websites, Zapier and other integrations.

Contact: Contact Information or reply on here

Name: Rachael Page


Portfolio: Designs by Wave Web Design (update coming soon!)

Location: Berlin, Germany

Languages: English, Basic German (can design Multi-language websites)

Specialities: Webflow, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Local SEO, Social Media strategy / Design /Management, Affordable Branding & Logos, User Experience Design (UX Design), E-commerce, Zapier, GDPR Compliance & Assurance,

Contact: via email

Other Information:

With 23 years experience working for top advertising agencies, Rachael brings a wealth of knowledge in digital design, technology, best practise SEO and conversion marketing

If you want your customers to find you online, having a business website isn’t enough. Your website needs to be search engine optimised (SEO) - this is what big business has been doing for years, and it’s time for the magic of SEO to be accessible for small business. It’s WaveWeb’s mission to bring great web design with SEO to you!

SEO should be designed-in right from the start. For example, your page URL’s should be keyword optimised, and match your page titles… the list goes on. More info on this can be provided if you’d like to know more.

Wave Web design offers a full-service web design and web development with SEO and hosting: serving English speaking customers globally, mostly via online consultation.

Get in touch soon for a no obligation quotation!

Name: Andrew Rubio

Website/Portfolio: (haven’t updated this for a while! check my recent projects below instead :blush:)

Location: London, UK

Languages: English

Specialities: Webflow, Zapier, CMS, Custom JS/jQuery, UX, E-Commerce, Airtable, APIs

Contact: or

Other Recent Projects:


Name: Mandy Hopp


Portfolio: Portfolio (update coming soon!)

Location: Arlington Heights, IL

Languages: English

Specialities: Webflow, Shopify, UX Design, Brand Strategy and Design

Contact:, or email

Other Information:
Hopp Creative is my tiny-but-mighty design studio that exists to serve the purpose-driven, the change makers, and the do-good business owners who believe in kindness and purpose over profit.

With almost a decade of experience in design and marketing, I have worked in-house and freelanced for dozens of businesses, been part of an award-winning website team, and had my work published in leading industry publications.

My coworkers are two big goofy dogs who snore during client calls (apologies in advance), and you can find me drinking an iced coffee just about every morning - even during the subzero Chicago winters.

Name: Hossein Amiran


Location: Toronto, Canada

Specialties: Webflow, Shopify, UX & UI, and Digital Marketing


Name: Andrea Barabas

Website: https:/ (only German)


Location: Munich, Germany

Languages: German, English

Specialities: Webflow, Muse, Dreamweaver; mainly small “image-websites”


Recent webflow-projects:

Name: Blake Lam


Location: Memphis, TN

Languages: English

Specialities: Webflow, Zapier

Contact: Through this forum, or via email

Other Information:

I’m a big Webflow fan and actively taking on projects! My ideal project at the moment is a Webflow build, but I’m open to discussing projects that require a full website design and build.

Name: Md. Shohel Hossain


Location: Joypurhat, BD

Languages: English

Specialities: On Page SEO, Webflow, WordPress, Shopify

Contact: Through this forum, or via email []

Other Information:
Fan of WebFlow, like to work on Webflow.

Name: Bas van Straaten


Location: Rotterdam, the Netherlands (EU)

Languages: English, Dutch

Specialities: UX/ UI Design, MVP Creation, Business Model Validation, Webflow, Zapier, Memberstack, Webflow API.

Client types: Tech Startups (Seed / Series A), Fashion & Real Estate


Other Information: Hi! I’m a digital designer, partnering with startups and forward-thinking companies to build meaningful brands, websites & platforms. My work has been featured on Forbes, Mashable, Kickstarter & CES 2020 . Do you think we should be working together? Feel free to reach out!


Recent Projects:

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Name: Niels Bakhuis


Location: Almelo, the Netherlands (EU)

Languages: Dutch, English, Norwegian

Specialities: Brand identities, UI/UX design, Webflow, Printed Matter, Motion Design


Other information: I want to bring the values of your product and service to the attention of your target group in a convincing way. I do this by means of:

  • Branding - The right balance between strategy and creativity that makes your brand stronger.
  • Websites - A website that translates what you stand for and knows how to reach your target group.
  • Motion - A creative representation of your story that impresses your target audience.
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Name: Aron Driessen



Location: London, UK

Languages: English, Hungarian, Dutch

Specialities: Webflow, Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, p5.js, d3.js


Other Information: As a multidisciplinary designer I like to learn new tools and programming languages to spruce up my designs with playful interactions and animated content that otherwise may not be achievable.

Recent Projects:
Akasia (Webflow Development)
Sobočan (Webflow Development)
Smartek (Design + Webflow Development)
Leef Je Merk (Design + Webflow Development)

Name: Marc Tiedemann


Portfolio: (more coming soon)

Location: Fuerteventura :desert_island:, Canary Islands, España

Languages: English, German

Specialities: Webflow, Webflow Ecommerce, Printful, Identity & Strategy Development, Design, HTML, CSS

Contact: Through this forum, or via email


Name: Arev Steffen

Website: [Arev Steffen Portfolio En)

Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil

Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish

Specialities: Webflow, brand design, art direction.

Contact: Through this forum, or via email []

Other Information:

Experience with fintech, advertising agencies, product and web design. I am creating a design studio be 100% focused on webflow so any lead will have my full commitment to deliver the best work.

Name: Josh Attwood



Location: Bahrain, Middle-East

Languages: English

Specialities: Webflow Design & Development, E-Commerce Shopify Website Design & Development, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), UX Design, Brand Strategy

Contact: Through this forum, or via email

Other Information:
Freelance Website Designer & Developer, using predominantly Webflow for my projects. Combined with SEO services I create websites that look great and perform even better!

Name: Muhammad Ali

Location : Karachi, Pakistan

Languages : English

Specialties : Webflow , Wordpress/Elementor and Oxygen Builder. Custom JS/Jquery , VUE , Airtable, Zapier , Integromate , Memberstack ,

Upwork Profile:
Fiverr Profile: themepress360 | Web Programming, WordPress | Fiverr Muhammad Ali D. Profile | Freelancer

Contact: You can contact me via my freelancing platforms or via email address :

Recently Completed Projects.

Other Information : I am a Full Stack developer , with specializing in Larave/VUE , , REST API, Webflow , Wordpress /Elementor and Oxygen Builder.

Name: Steven Hilario


Portfolio: SH Webdigital | Expertos en Webflow y diseño web

Location: Puerto Rico

Languages: English and Spanish

Specialities: Webflow Design & Development, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Contact: Diseño web en P.R. | Contáctenos

Other Information:
Mainly using Webflow for my projects. Websites created with SEO in mind.

Name : Bushra Ali
Location: Karachi , Pakistan
Languages : English

Specialties : Webflow , Wordpress/Elementor and Oxygen Builder. Custom JS/Jquery , Airtable, Zapier , Integromate , Memberstack.

Fiver Profile:

Recently Completed Projects:

Other Information: : I am an experience webflow developer , with strong skills in JS and due which I can implement custom JS code to bring functionalities like Dynamic Filter to CMS Elements, Live Onpage Search , Seamless pagination etc.

Agency Name: Web Nomad


Location: USA

Languages: English

Specialities: Webflow Design & Development. 15 years Corporate Design and Development experience.

Contact: Corporate wed designer/developer available for hire.

Other Information: Webflow Certifications. Full CV/Resume and Portfolio available at

Limited availability.