Links under navigation div are not clickable


I have got a problem with links and clickable elements under navigation div after scroll. It seems like that div of course is placed above all elements, but is there a way to make it like REALY transparent to make clickable things under it work again?



Yes. CSS has something to allow you to click through an element. It’s a way of saying “nothing related to the pointer is happening on this element so ignore it”.

In your case you need to apply this to your Nawigacje as well as to your Nawigacja elements.

First drag a custom code component anywhere in the page and add this code:

.click{pointer-events: none;}

Now add the class .clicks a combo class on both Nawigacjeand Nawigacja.

You rock Vincent! Thank you for so fast reply!


Hi @vincent

What would this script look like if I want to allow click, but ignore drag/swipe? In other words, I want to be able to click on a button on top of a carousel, but when swiping/draging, the button should be ignored.

(sorry for bumping an old post) :grimacing:

That’s not an easy behaviour to achieve. That’s what mobile OS do constantly, determining if a gesture is a tap or a swipe. You can do that with Javascript on a web page I’m sure. I don’t know how good it will be.

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