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Can't click below transparent div

Hello, I am building a website where I have a fixed border around the page and four page links at the corners.

1st problem: I want my content to scroll below the border but its div, despite being transparent, prevents me from clicking videos and selecting paragraphs.
How can I click below transparent divs?

You can try to click here:

2nd problem: for some reason I get a horizontal scroll as if the contents were larger than the screen. Why is this happening?

Thank you

Here is the webflow project:

Use opacity background to see the problem (The div on top of all site content).

It’s a little tricky to solve this. Read here:

Add this custom code (Remember do not change class names -or- update CSS selectors code).

.div-block-6 {
    pointer-events: none; /* prevents all click, state and cursor options on the specified HTML element */
.div-block-6 a{
  pointer-events: initial; /* remote none from links */