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Links send users to middle of page


I had posted this question earlier regarding links and linking to a certain point in the page, not the header. I believe it was resolved by a bug in the program. However, I am still having an issue on one of my pages. When I direct anyone to our contact us page, webflow reroutes them to the middle of the page to fill out the form? Does anyone know why this is happening? I have looked at my settings and I don’t see anything out of the ordinary for this. is the site and then when you click contact us, it brings you to the middle of the page.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thanks everyone.

Enable a public link to troubleshoot if you would like some help :wink:

Sorry about that! I thought the was the link. Is this the right one?

Go to your dashboard, in your settings panel. At the bottom of the page there is a button that says “Enable Public Link”. Copy that and paste it here. It allows others to go into your project and troubleshoot without letting them make permanent changes.

Hi, seems you have “autofocus” turned on for that name field in the form, thus the page is moving direct to the field on page load. Try unchecking the autofocus, then do another export…

If you don’t want to export again (or you have made changes to your exported files already and do not want to overwrite them, just open the contact page in text editor, search for:


and delete that from file and save…

That should fix the issue.


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