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Linking to pages inside folders not possible?

When I click the page icon on ‘link settings’, I only see pages listed that are outside folders. Linking to pages inside folders not possible?

Actually, scratch that; I moved the page out of the folder, still not listed. Why?

It is possible to link to pages in folders. Can you post more in formation about the problem. Screen shots of what you are seeing and your read only link.

There are many pages in a folder called /courses. They do not show when I click on the icon ‘pages’ in the properties box (right side) of a button. Only 6 pages are there, the newer batch (~15) do not show.

The folder and all of the pages associated with it are in that list under the “new page” link option further down the list. use the scroll ball on your mouse or the slider on the edge of the list to scroll down to select the right page.

Hope this helps :smile:


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