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Can not edit folder

Hi everyone,

I am quite new in Webflow, and I cannot find a way of editing folder that I created. When I created it, I was able to edit it, however, after saving and publishing my webpage, I am not able to add anything to that folder.

The folder which I want to edit is React VR & React 360 as it seen below.
So, any help would be appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I am surprised WF let you name it like that. This is what I would try … create a new folder that is named without symbols and spaces. If the existing one has children then move them to the new one. Then try to delete the first one. If you can’t delete it then open a ticket in Webflow Support.

This way you should be able to move forward.

I think I can delete it, but you know, my purpose is not deleting it. Editing it. If I would delete it and create a new one, am I gonna be able to edit that ? By the way, thank you for response, it was really much faster than I expected. :slight_smile:

I think the issue is the special characters / spaces in a folder name. Folders on web sites should really not use special characters.

Well, as you said, I deleted that file, and create a new one called ‘temp’. However, again, I am not able to edit it in anyway. Should not I double-click on the folder to edit it? It works for pages but not for folder. I want to state the new look of my issue. Thank you for your patience.

No you should not. You have to use the gear icon to display the folder settings.

I can already display the settings as it seen in above picture. I CANNOT edit the folder. double-click is not working for editing.

Are you saying you can’t backspace over the folder name value? If that is the case I suspect you might have an issue with a browser extension. Visit the designer using incognito or private mode in your browser and test.

I just cannot add write anything to that folder.