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Linking to a section on another page

I gave the section an ID of contact. I read somewhere else to then link it through URL but this didnt work. Do i need to use a #?

(contact button on this page)

(contact section is on this page)

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

hey @megflynn , to link to a section on a different page put the full URL in the link settings. For example, on the contact button, instead of choosing a page to make it link to, you would make it link to the full URL:

Here’s a screenshot showing this (you can see the end of the URL),

Just be sure to take note in case you ever change your site’s URL since this will have to be updated manually

@megflynn , you can link to another page by typing the following in link settings:

04 PM

Now to link to a section on the home page from another page is something that I haven’t searched around in the forums for yet, but I’m sure that someone has figured it out.

Hope this helps!


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