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Linking Tapfiliate with Webflow

Hi all,

Has anybody successfully connected a Tapfiliate account with a website?


Hey @Nicholas_Graham_Pla1 , I just read through the docs for Tapfiliate and it seems very easily doable within Webflow. Are you looking to measure conversion of a regular site or an e-commerce site?


This would be for a single product on our website. Not sure if that qualifies for a ecomm site.

Hey @Nicholas_Graham_Pla1 , that sounds good. Are you implementing the product using a Shopify Buy Button or is it with Webflow’s E-commerce?

The only reason I ask is because in order to use the Tapfiliate API for products, you would ideally need Order ID and other details.

I’m using Webflow’s eCommerce and a Klarna/Affirm type service called SplitIt. I have a Zapier account that I can use to send around information. If not, I can bring in a developer if this is better.