Linking Separate Items to Control Slider

Hi, i need help to link an area of my site to the arrow functions of the slider so when you click on that area of the site it takes you to the next slide.
That area that needs to be clicked on is called sliderLeft/RightLink.

I have custom code which i got from pixelgeek’s video imbedded in the page.

everything seems to be done correctly, i just don’t see why it wont work.
cheers :slight_smile:

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - ivan

I can’t see without looking at a published version of the site, but I think Webflow will change your class names from camelCase to lowercase. Try changing the class names in the custom code section to lower case then re-publish.

I’ll definitely try it out

yea it seems i cant show the code through here, but here’s a screenshot of it.

Ayo my man thank you so much, that did the trick!!! Dumb camel case! :rage: