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Lightbox open Video Button HELP PLEASE

my Problem is as follows: I want to open a video in a lightbox by clicking on a button. In this Picture I show you my testimonial design, an there should be a button below the Text which open the Video in a lightbox on my homepage. I m really new to Webflow and I have no Idea how to do this, can anyone help me with a solution?

Project Link:

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Hi, Sorry for the slow reply.

  1. Give your button an id, say “my-button”.
  2. Give your lightbox an id, say “my-lightbox”.
  3. In your page settings, in the “before tag” section, add this code:


/* Intercept click of my-button
and trigger click of my-lightbox */ 

$(document).on('click', '#my-button', function(event) {