LinkedIn not picking up OG images

Is anyone else having issues with LinkedIn not scraping webflow sites for OG data?
Swear this all worked before but recently none of my webflow sites get picked up?


Works fine on Twitter & Facebook though.

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I have some intermittent issues with it LinkedIn and OG every now and then.

Use this to debug and re-scrape:

In your case, seems to be alright.
Try swapping the image on your first site to a .jpg version. LinkedIn sometimes just don’t seem to like .pgn here

How odd it doesn’t work for me as I was using that tool before.

Changed the other to jpg and also still doesn’t work either.


experiencing the same on my sites as well. The image shows on FB and Twitter but not LinkedIn

I’m having this issue as well, with two different pages:

I’ve checked both in, and they’re fine.

Anybody have any ideas?

Hey all, are your OG images WebP by any chance? I’m not sure if LinkedIn supports WebP yet; they certainly didn’t in the past. Perhaps test to see if a JPEG shows up for your OG image.

Nope mine are straight JPG and were PNG before which again have used on 100’s of sites and never had an issue.

I encounter the same issue on possibly all webflow sites? I have tested 8 different ones, all have jpgs and og data (checked with Interestingly a webflow site I have exported and hosted somewhere else works without issues. That makes me think it has something to do with webflow’s hosting infrastructure.

Now it works again for all pages I have tested. :man_shrugging:

Yep seems like its now been fixed :tada:

I can’t get LinkedIn to preview our new Webflow images at all. So frustrating.