Link wont stop highlighting blue?


I’m having an issue with an instagram link at the bottom of all pages whereby it is constantly highlighted blue/ when you hover over it.

I have gone through all of the dates on that link and set it’s #333 which is the colour I require.

Does anyone have any ideas why this won’t fix the issue?


This is going to sound weird, because it is.

Select your link element, then click in the font color and make it #333000. Then change it back to #333.

Hmm this hasn’t worked, incredibly frustrating.

I know what you mean though, as I managed to get it working earlier by removing the colour then putting it back on - but when I published the site it just reverted to the same issue…

Is this icon blue or orange when you publish?


The icon is orange

Right, you need it to turn blue. If you change the color to #333000, that should turn the icon blue. After that you CHANGE it back (you don’t undo), to #333 and the icon should stay blue.

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lots of messing around has fixed it, thanks for the help! What an annoying feature.

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