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Link to stop an interaction


I’m working on a project that requires several links to trigger interactions that affect the same divs (some elements are moving, appearing and disappearing…). But since you can click anytime you want on any of those links, all the interactions pile up, and it all ends up as a big mess.

Which led me to wonder. Is there a way to stop an ongoing interaction ? I haven’t found any natively on Webflow. But I guess there might be a way to do so with JS. For instance, if I click on link 1, it triggers an interaction. But if I click on link 2, I’d like to stop the first interaction before the 2nd starts, so that they won’t be moving the same divs on different timelines.


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Hi Nicolas,

This is possible with some code. You will have to use some “if” in your JavaScript. I would recommend 2 things:

  1. be more specific, explain exactly what your interasctions do and how many elements trigger it. An example or a share link would be the best.
  2. Hire an expert for that.

There are a few different ways to tackle this. But as Aviv said you need to provide an actual read only link so that we can have a look.

Hi @avivtechand & @dram !

Thanks for your quick answers.

To tell you more about it. I have a main animation that’s launched when its div is into view. The animation is like a slider, but it’s all custom made since I needed to trigger some actions when the user hits the percentages (which also triggers the main % to change in the background). You’re supposed to be able to jump from 87% to 70% to 67%.

The default interaction/animation that’s launched when the page loads is the 87% animation. What I did was recreate this animation with different orders for 70% and 67%.

I also have a issue “reloading” the Lottie animations but that’s another problem :slight_smile:


Try removing initial states form your “slide out” interactions, leave them only on the “slide in” ix. I cannot see if that helps since clicks don’t work in your read only for some reason.