Link to section from another page


Working on an unpublished website trying to get my head around ‘linking to a section from another page’. Is it possible to do so without publishing to Custom Domain i.e. using the webflow io domain or seeing this live in the Designer?

Homepage has three tabs in the Navbar: Red, Yellow and Green - each goes to their intended colour sections when clicked on. And LOGO is Home/top of page.

What I want:
On Page 1, click on Green in Navbar and take me to section Green on Homepage.

At the moment I can get it to Homepage via Page 1 but not direct to Green section…and plus it opens Home in a new window which I don’t want.

How can this be achieved please?

Thanks in advance

Hi Connor,

Please use the search in the forum before starting a new thread.

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Perfect, thank you for that link. I did trawl through the Forum links and tried some of the solutions but no luck :frowning:

This specific link/thread you provided showed the step by step I needed. Certainly reduced my hair pulling :slight_smile:

To finish my first website project (whoop whoop)…I have one last query regarding this topic if you/someone could kindly assist:

From Page 1, click navbar colour, say yellow

Goes to Homepage yellow section (does now)

Clearly shows Heading title. Same stop as you would if you did it from the Homepage.

From Page 1, click navbar colour, say yellow

Goes to Homepage yellow section (does now)

BUT doesn’t show Heading title like from the original Homepage if you clicked on the navbar

Is there a way to shift the Heading down perhaps to show Heading on the colour sections (Homepage) via Page 1? I’m just thinking any changes I make to the Homepage may disrupt the linking process.

Thanks in advance