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Link Inside Symbol to go to Collection Page

Hi, I am building a navbar link that users can click on to go to their account (see last picture attached), but I’m having trouble using the UI to link to a collection page. This is also after the user have signed in and is navigating through the site, and eventually want to come back to their account page. The current page that I took all these screenshots on is a collection page.

So all the buttons inside the collection page will allow me to link it back to the current user profile, but just not any links inside the navbar symbol.

This is what the UI looks like when I click on the navbar symbol.


This first gives me the option to link to a Collection Page (if I’m interpreting it right), but then once I click on that, this is what it shows


Here is my public share link: LINK
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I need this answer too :frowning:

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Did anyone figure out a solution to this? I have the same issue!


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Hi Webflow community,

I’m looking for to solve the same problem, if anyone have any solution, it would be much appreciated !