Link directly to tab from another page — issue with Safari

Hey everyone!

I have spent several hours today trying to troubleshoot this. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. :expressionless:

Situation: I have a page with policies in separate tabs. I want to be able to link to the policy page, but change the active tab according to the link.

For example: I want to send people directly to the privacy policy, so when they are re-directed to the policy page, “Privacy” is active.

I’ve scoured the forum and have used this solution (from 2014!!!). I modified it slightly so that it’s using IDs instead of class names. Works like a charm for Brave/Chrome, Firefox, and Edge… but it doesn’t work at all in Safari. :cry:

Try scrolling down to the footer (on any page) and clicking “Accessibility”… re-directs to the policy page and… nothing. No active tab.

Can anyone help me out‽

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Password is 1994

Policy page link is Currently, the link-to-active-tab formula is: /about/our-policies?tab=tabID

Thanks in advance,

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