Tab component breaking on Safari "A problem repeatedly occurred with..."

Hi there,

so we just released our very first project on Webflow, but we’re experiencing some issues with this page for users with Safari mostly on iOS but sometimes also on macOS.

We can’t figure out what could cause the issue. It’s a quite simple project and the only complex element on this page it’s the tab element. Could be this causing Safari to not load the page? The message is "A problem repeatedly occurred with “https://…” . The console in inspect mode does not show any error.

Thanks for your help!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Just tried to disabling Java script on Safari and the page it’s loading as it should. Still the console it’s not telling me what it’s causing a problem.

New update, we set to display none a section where we had a lightbox element and now the page is loading as it should, so should not be the tab element.

In case someone will end up here, what was causing the issue apparently was having two Lightbox element in the same page/section. Removing one of them fixed the issue with Safari.