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Link block not showing in Preview mode

Thank you Dave, I started using the xray feature on sites that had the spacing I was looking for and you are right. Glad to have that confirmed. I finally got a section-container-column-and link block to look just like I wanted it to, but it doesn’t show up when I preview? Any thoughts about that? (I am so new I don’t know how to properly share, I hope you can see the back side of it)

Hi thanks @rvdebby for getting back to me. First, welcome to Webflow! I am so happy you have joined us :slight_smile:

I created a new topic, as not to take over the other topic.

I am happy to look at the issue, but first, could you help to share the read-only link to the design view of the site? See how to do that here:

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Great minds think alike. Thank you for starting a new thread. Here is the link

Thank you so much for the help. :confounded:

Hi @rvdebby, is it possible for you to take a screenshot of the element which is showing in the designer but not in the preview? I am having a little trouble finding that. Thanks!

This shows the navigator if that helps.

Hi @rvdebby, thanks for the picture, that helps a lot.

The reason those link blocks do not show up on preview, is that they are link blocks with no content, just a background image applied to each link block.

On the published site, or in preview, Link blocks with no content have a default height of 0 pixels. The solution is either to add an actual image widget to the link block and then select the image from the asset manager, or simply give the link block class a height.

In my example, I give the link block class assigned a height of 75px.

Try that :slight_smile:


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