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Link block items in my collection aren't taking me to the item detail page?

Hi there,

I have a dynamic list on my photography portfolio website, which comprises of link blocks (that hold thumbnails of the photographs), which should theoretically be taking the viewer to a detail view of that particular photograph when clicked on. The link blocks are set to link to ‘A collection detail page’ with reference to the current collection, which I believe should open a detail page of the current item, or the current photograph with its affiliated info in the collection including its name. In reality though, clicking on a link block/thumbnail is bringing up a 404 error.

For example, if I click on a link block that holds a thumbnail image for dsc_1102, I would expect it to take me to the detail page of the photograph list item with the following link:

But all I get is a Page Not Found error.

Here’s a read-only link to my project:

Any ideas on why this is happening would be great!

Thanks so much,

The read-only link isn’t working. Could you republish and we can take a look.

Sorry, I made some updates after posting this and didn’t realize it might break the link!

Hi Ruheene,

It doesn’t look like you have added any content to the 1k,2k,3k template pages so there won’t be any content to display until you set those up. Try adding a couple elements and let me know if it works.

Hi @jdesign,

The 2k collection is a dummy collection for now so doesn’t have any content, but the 1k and 3k collections do have items in them (the 1k collection has 38 items, the 3k has 83). Those are the same collections being displayed on the home page.

Are you not seeing any content at all?

Wait, sorry, I’m talking about collections and you mentioned template pages. Different things. Let me try adding some elements to the template pages to see if it fixes it…

It looks like your homepage images are pulling from your Collection 3ks.

But your 3ks Collection Template

Is blank …and I think that results in a 404

Yes sorry, I was confusing the template pages with the collections! But that makes sense, and adding elements fixed the problem :smile:

Thank you!!

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