Item CMS link 404


I have set up some test pages for a site with CMS.

The preview in the Webflowapp is working fine, but when I publish to .io the link is broken.

When clicked on Collecties there are 2 watches, in app links go to detailpage watches.



Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @onecompany It looks like you did not add anything to the dynamic template page:

Try adding elements inside of that template page then republish the site.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi PixelGeek,

No, not working.
And the strange thing is why does it work in preview in the WebflowApp?

Other options?


are you talking about the 404 page when you click on the SKU number? And when was the last time you published? The changes seem to be on the read only but it looks like you might have forgot to publish the changes. Try republishing it.

Yes that’s correct.


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try republishing it. It looks liek you might have forgot to after that step so it’s not on the live site.


Hi Jeremy,

Just did that. But still no effect.
Maybe there is something wrong in the CMS?

sounds like something is glitchy contact