Link block always opening in new tab - take 2

Continuing the discussion from Link Block is always opening NEW Tab:

Why was this thread locked? The answer was not clear – if you check “open in same tab” and it opens in new tab every time just because it’s an external url (even for the same site), this is clearly unexpected – a bug.

Someone seems to have got lazy and just closed the thread instead of addressing the issue.

If you set a url to “same tab” and it opens in an open tab, if there’s no disclaimer below that this is the expected behavior, it’s a bug.

(Relative URL workaround not working in editor/preview modes – it points to webflow; not your site)

To top that, even your documentation shows to use instead of /#anchor. No one could possibly know this. If it’s unexpected, it’s not disclaimed, and even your docs show a full url for your own site as an example (even with the /# relative URL workaround [NOT solution], it doesn’t even work in the editor or when previewing: Only when site is live) – I have proven that it’s a bug.