Limit on script upload reached

Id been using the custom code endpoints as a part of my ci/cd pipeline. As I cannot just overwirte the same script again (due to the same script ver validation error) I have been generating script versions using a hash. Itd been working flawlessly but now the script limit is reached and I don’t see a way to reset it (programmatically or by hand).

The error goes as follows:

So the question is how do I remove all registered script so that I could start using the custom code api again?

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Hey @chroniclesplace! Welcome to the forum!

Let me check on this with the team and get back to you.

Hey @chroniclesplace!

You’ll need to delete/unregister the old scripts. You can learn more about this here: Delete Custom Code

The api have ways to delete scripts ATTACHED to a site (and a page). The endpoint you provided does exactly this: it DEATTACHES scripts from a site but they still remain REGISTERED so the question remains.

More about registering scripts on webflow docs: Custom Code

So the workflow is like this:

  1. You register a script
  2. You attach it to a whole site or a page.
  3. After you could delete the script from that page or the site but it still remains in the registry.

I am currently facing the same issue, I’d like to know how to delete registered scripts, not custom code. Any update on this?

Even I am unable to unregister my registered scripts. The delete API which docs gives us only deletes the custom code/script from that page or site but the script is still registered in the registry. So when I try to register the same script with same version it gives error that this version is already registered which proves that the delete API does not unregister the registered scripts, which we want. Why the webflow team isn’t bothered with this major problem? Either increase the upload/registration limit of the scripts else provide an API to unregister the inactive ones.

Hey @Shubham_Jain - we definitely hear you on this! The main goal in a limit was to prevent abuse, but we’ve now upped the limit to 500 scripts in the short-term (docs updates will follow shortly). We’ve also got on our plate some work for an API to delete/unregister these scripts to complete the picture. Hope this helps!

Thanks for that. A method for unregistering the script will be advantageous for almost everyone using this feature.

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Facing same issue
Also, it feels very strange, when you register script with display name,
displayName gets copied to id. There should be not an Id which user have created, but some UUID at least.
And since the id is known to me, I am trying to register absolutely the same script but with different version (ex. 1.0.0 => 1.0.1)
My expectation: API replaces old script with new one
In reality: API just creates a new one without any way to delete it