Limit on script upload reached

Id been using the custom code endpoints as a part of my ci/cd pipeline. As I cannot just overwirte the same script again (due to the same script ver validation error) I have been generating script versions using a hash. Itd been working flawlessly but now the script limit is reached and I don’t see a way to reset it (programmatically or by hand).

The error goes as follows:

So the question is how do I remove all registered script so that I could start using the custom code api again?

Hey @chroniclesplace! Welcome to the forum!

Let me check on this with the team and get back to you.

Hey @chroniclesplace!

You’ll need to delete/unregister the old scripts. You can learn more about this here: Delete Custom Code

The api have ways to delete scripts ATTACHED to a site (and a page). The endpoint you provided does exactly this: it DEATTACHES scripts from a site but they still remain REGISTERED so the question remains.

More about registering scripts on webflow docs: Custom Code

So the workflow is like this:

  1. You register a script
  2. You attach it to a whole site or a page.
  3. After you could delete the script from that page or the site but it still remains in the registry.

I am currently facing the same issue, I’d like to know how to delete registered scripts, not custom code. Any update on this?