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Lightbox with images from one collection

Hello Webflowers

I know this is an issue, which has been discussed a lot, and I have also read a lot of threads and seen videotutorials from Anna Sabatini, but it does´nt solve my problem, which actually is pretty simple.

I have a simple collection called project. Each project have up to 10 images added to them simply with 10 different imagefields (I read somewhere that this was the best way to do it, to make it easy for the customer to maintain their projects)

Now I have no problem displaying theese 10 thumbnail-images on the site in a lightbox link, but how do I show them in the lightbox? The problem is I cant choose the lightbox image from my dynamic collection only from the standard image collection…?

Is there a workaround here?

Thanks in advance


Here is my public share link: LINK

That’s the issue. There currently isn’t a way to display dynamic images in the generic Webflow lightbox link. I think it’s just around the corner though with the interactions 2.0 release. (Vlad said it will start rolling out in August). :star_struck:

Use the process that Anna has come up with for now, it’s a perfect workaround. The only thing you won’t be able to do is flick between the images without closing the lightbox.

Yes. The @sabanna way :grin:

You could try this method as well. I’m not sure if it will be helpful or useful for what you want, but it is an alternate way to do CMS lightboxes.

Thank you for your answer, but as I see it the @sabanna solution does´nt work here, the way I have my gallery-images (They are in the specifick project and not a seperat collection) Then I would have to make a lightbox for each of them…not very smart…


Hi @bbrazis

Thank you for your answer. This is defenitly more what I am looking for I think. I guess I just need it simpler the way I am pulling the data (I dont have a specifick collection with only gallery-images. I have a project-collection where each project have 10 individual formfields for images)

So I am not running through a collection of images. I am placing them one by one with the lightbox-link, so I just need the link to the lightbox with the correct image… I guess your code do that somehow, but I am not that familiar with coding and it probably would need a little change… can you help?

But I will give it a shot :wink:


Hello Again

Well I have tried with no luck.
Just a few questions?:

  • What is your _id ?

  • How do I get the data from one specific formfield from the CMS in them embed code? f.ex. formfield “Gallery image 1”


Hello Again

I just discovered the “Add Field” button in the top right of the embed code panel. :wink:
From here I can choose my different fields, and now its working… GREATTT thanks