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Lightbox Vimeo size too big and how can I change

Hi all,

I’ve been searching everywhere how to change the size lightbox videos play at and all I can find is this bit of code

.w-lightbox-frame, .w-lightbox-embed {
width: 100vw;
height: 100vh;

But the forum post that mentioned it doesnt say where/how to use the code? And the post thread was closed.

Does anyone know how to define the size vimeo video plays at and ideally how to make it autoplay?

By default they are popping up too big to the edges and have to hit ESC to close it.

As you can see here if you click a video.



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Hey Colourberry,

Yes, I have had this problem as an on-going problem, often the solutions are out there but they solutions assume we Webflow designers no how to insert the code, which quite often we don’t, hence why we use Webflow!

I am slowly getting the hang of things via a painful learning curve.

In this instance, you can add this to your site head code area (in the setting panel under custom code), you need to add all code that is targeting a class style by inserting it inside opening and closing style tags, see here…


.w-lightbox-frame, .w-lightbox-embed {

width: 100vw;

height: 100vh;



This works with any size, so you could use 90vw for example.

Thanks Graham

Your a life saver thank you so much. Works perfectly.

Any chance you know the code for auto start?