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Lightbox video loop

I need video loop(YouTube) inside light box. We have short tutorial videos, that just give you a sense of the feature (context).

The whole internet is filled with different ways to achieve this, but lets stick to official google documentation; (anchor link to loop)

loop (supported players: AS3, HTML5)
Values: 0 or 1. Default is 0. In the case of a single video player, a setting of 1 will cause the player to play the initial video again and again. In the case of a playlist player (or custom player), the player will play the entire playlist and then start again at the first video.

Note: This parameter has limited support in the AS3 player and in IFrame embeds, which could load either the AS3 or HTML5 player. Currently, the loop parameter only works in the AS3 player when used in conjunction with the playlist parameter. To loop a single video, set the loop parameter value to 1 and set the playlist parameter value to the same video ID already specified in the Player API URL:

This does not work inside ligthbox control, but it works outside of it. Can you fix/add this?


Instead of using the Webflow video widget, go to Youtube and grad an embed code, set it to loop of course, and paste the embed code into a Embed widget in Webflow.



Well I want to dim everything else(lightbox style), and not embed into page (i would be happy if lightbox takes embeds though.).
Its nice touch for users, that way you can keep them focused and not overwhelm them with elements.