Lightbox Video autoplay and z-index


I had read somewhere that lightbox videos are set to autoplay when opened but mine seems to not be playing once lightbox opens. Could someone please inform me how I can change this? As I want the video to start as soon as lightbox is opened.

Also, How can I ensure that the navbar element is underneath the lightbox when opened? Currently there are parts of the navbar that are covering the lightbox when opened.

Here is my read only link:

And the link:


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @rlowe1228 ,

I just had the same problem re the video in lightbox not playing, if you add the below code to the end of your youtube url that should do it:

I couldn’t see where you used the lightbox on your site but your navbar z-index is set to 9000 which could be the issue, so maybe try reducing that? See the bottom right corner of the screenshot below.



Thank you @Sean_Egan !

Hi @Sean_Egan,

I’m having a similar issue. I am using vimeo links with the ?autoplay=1 code. But the vidoes don’t autoplay every time.

Any suggestions?


Chrome block autoplay videos with sound (Since 2018. Read her). On Firefox or explorer, your site works fine.

Add ?muted=1


Thank you. It is still not working as I would hope.

However, here is an example of a Squarespace website where the autoplay works fully with the sound on chrome. There must be a better solution.

Again, also in your example - the auto play block (will work o only if you click play one time).

You should use custom code for perfect solution (chrome block – set volume 0 works better on viemo vs mute=1 - i don’t know why)

But also mute is little annoying for the user.

Exactly right, it is annoying for the user… and the client!! :slight_smile:
Have you an example of the custom code?