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Lightbox video not autoplaying on mobile only

Hey all,

After reading lots of posts on the forum, it seems that lightbox videos are programmed to autoplay. However, my lightbox video (Vimeo) is only autoplaying on desktop. I know there have been some browser updates making autoplay tougher, but clicking a lightbox button to play a video seems like a sufficient interaction to merit playing a video without the user having to press the play button again.

I have checked all major browsers on desktop, and they all autoplay. I have also checked all major mobile browsers, and none of them autoplay. What am I missing here? Any help is appreciated.

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Hi @myonke, check out the documentation from Google here. If your video is muted then I believe it should autoplay. This is a browser thing rather than a Webflow thing.

BTW your video doesn’t autoplay for me on desktop when clicking the link as it’s not muted, I’m using latest Chrome.

Hope that helps, and great looking site too!

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Thanks for the reply @magicmark, and it’s good to know it’s not autoplaying on your desktop browser like it is mine.

Any resolution to this? Need video to autoplay on mobile lightbox