Lightbox page adjustments

When I click on my image for Lightbox, it takes me to a separate page where all my images are and have thumbnails at the bottom. Unfortunately, the big window at the top where the individual images appear doesn’t seem to be adjustable. The navbar is there as usual, but the large images are tucked up under so some people’s heads get cut off. I tired adding lots of margin to the Lightbox element but that didn’t work; it only pushed down the Image for the lightbox.

How can I adjust image location on the Lightbox page?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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The lightbox works fine without any CSS adjustments (In the future i believe users will get more UI options)

  • Add read-only link (How users can help you without a link?)
  • Add screenshot of the problem
  • Add more detials (In all photos, specific photos?)

How to. By custom CSS (but first add the list above).

I’ve decided to just skp Lightbox and use HTML embed instead. Seems to an easy way to get margins and centering better on the page than Lightbox.

Thanks for your suggestion.