Lightbox overlay alignment is off centre and aligned left

The issue I’m dealing with is under Portfolio > Graphic Design > Click on any lightbox and see it’s aligning itself left.

I’ve scoured the forums looking for similar issues and found one that was solved, but unfortunately it did not solve my issue. I’m in the process of adding a view only graphic design portfolio to my personal portfolio. I’m using lightboxes to display each project so I can cut down on the amount of webpages on my site.

After adding a few images to a lightbox it randomly aligned itself left, can anyone share some insight on why this might be happening? I tried using inspect element to review the core code and wasn’t able to find anything that would be causing the lightbox to align itself to the left.


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Devin Wolfenberger's Portfolio

Hi! Not sure why this is happening but I solved it by adding next style to the global custom code head tag

.w-lightbox-backdrop {
text-align: center !important;

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Thank you so much! I added an HTML Embed to my portfolio page and this fixed my issues, you’re my hero!

Happy Friday! :partying_face:

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