Lightbox: number insted of thumbnails


I would like to ask a quick option for the lightbox webflow: number instead of images. I have a gallery which is huge, and there is no room for all thumbs on the screen, would much prefer it to be a number.

If anyone knows a javascript that do this …

Hi do you have an example of what you’re trying to do?

this gallery has more than 40 images, this creates scrollbar and thumbs get it out (i solved by reducing the thumbs, but I would rather put a numbering).

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Hi @lucaspchara.
I have similar problem with thumbs in gallery (using lightboxes). It doent show all thumbnails and do not appear even scrolling.

Could you share, how you fixed this problem?

I used custom code to change the size, spacing, etc.
of my thumbs … I had to inspect on google chrome and see what items needed change.

.w-lightbox-noscroll {margin-right: 17px;}
.w-lightbox-strip {margin: auto; overflow:hidden; width:100%; white-space:normal;}
.w-lightbox-item {width: 9vh; padding: 2px 2px;}
.w-lightbox-thumbnail {height: 8vh;}
.w-lightbox-group, .w-lightbox-group .w-lightbox-view, .w-lightbox-group .w-lightbox-view:before {height: 80vh;}