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Lightbox not working on external host

Lightbox images work fine when accessed through Webflow but when downloaded and transferred to my host server the functionality is being lost.

Try the pictures on this same page accessed both through Webflow and my host.

Your Webflow site lightbox image is

Your exported site lightbox image is

You might need to re-upload everything again.

Not sure why that is.

Right now the export function doesn’t work for me. Webflow support says its because my project is “too big” and they’re working on a fix.

Until the fix is implemented they’re doing manual Zip files for me to download.

I guess because the main avenue inside Webflow for creating a Zip for download isn’t being utilized something is happening inside support when they’re doing it manually.

Funny thing is that my “project” hasn’t changed size in two years. Now suddenly it’s too big to compile and Zip.

They’re claiming that changes were made to increase efficiency for users. But I think these changes limited the ability to process projects with higher than average data.

Bottom line. I’ve been paying for a service that worked fine but no longer performs. At least not for me.

Not real happy right now…

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