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Lightbox issue on single machine

Hi all,

I’m in the process of building a portfolio site for myself and have used Lightbox on a couple of pages (with both images and videos).

Everything seems to be working fine in most situations, apart from on my desktop computer at home.

Everything displays and works correctly on my Macbook Pro in Safari, Chrome and Firefox, as well as on my iPhone 6 and iPad Air in both Safari and Chrome.

When I test the same pages on my desktop machine (2007 Mac Pro) in any of Safari, Chrome or Firefox (all latest versions), the lightbox appears to launch as it displays the opaque black overlay, although it doesn’t show the actual content or any of the thumbnails and buttons.

Anyone have any ideas around why this might only be happening on that single system?

And is anybody happy to test the functionality of my site and report back on whether or not it’s working for them (along with details around what they’re testing on)?

Here are the two pages on my site using Lightbox:

Thanks in advance :smile:

Hi Jeremy, nice site and refs.

Throw this computer away, it’s probably being haunted :wink:

Test this to avoid any cache issue : create a brand new user session on your system, mac or win. Not an admin one, a regular one, and then test again.

Here is my test : on Chrome/iOS9 everything up to date.

Does this help?

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On a side note, you may want to optimize your images (the one on the home is bigger than it should/could, and could be a few ko only. Also, in the about, it would be cool to start by “I’m {nationality} and live in {city, country}”. More than cool, it’s kind of important. Nobody hires someone without knowing this, I think.

Thanks @vincent

You’re right, my Mac Pro is definitely ancient and needing to be replaced. I’ll try what you suggested with creating a new user.

Thanks for doing that test as well - this reassures me a bit.

And thanks for other tips too. I’ll definitely make sure all my images are optimised. I think I’ll be rewording a lot of the content on my site anyway (I haven’t even spell-checked it properly yet), but thanks for the tip!

@vincent I tried creating a new user session like you suggested, but no luck. Although weirdly enough everything now appears to be working fine in both Chrome and Firefox on that machine. So it’s just Safari that’s giving me trouble.

Alhough I also realised that because that machine is so old and still running Snow Leopard (newer versions of OSX aren’t supported), it’s only running Safari 5.1 (can’t upgrade to 7.1, which I have tested on without issue. So I’m guessing it’s an issue with the old browser.

Ok thank for letting me know. Keep the user session trick to avoid getting insane with cache issues (:

Well, this is a major issue, the Lightbox component doesn’t work in safari for windows.

I still can’t believe it.

Something needs to be done urgently, as one of my clients has just realised and I cannot provide any more solutions than remake the whole lightbox with a jquery plugin.

Am I wrong?

You should paste a link to the page so Windows users can test for you too.

@human Can you please let us know which version of Windows and which version of Safari you are seeing this issue in?

For some context, Apple stopped shipping updates to the Windows version of Safari in 2012, effectively killing it. For practical web browsing, it should be considered an insecure/unsupported browser - so even if we were able to confirm that the lightbox doesn’t work on it and make a fix, you should still strongly encourage your client to upgrade to a modern browser that receives regular patches.