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Letter spacing acting weird on mobile

I have been experiencing a weird glitch in the responsiveness of a site. The letter spacing of the site is fine on desktop/laptop (even when I try to check its responsiveness by shrinking the window) but when i view it on my phone, the letter spacing increases. I checked if the letter-spacing was different for mobile view, but it was fine (it would’ve affected the responsive version in the desktop/laoptop then)

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hi @Rifat_Anik It looks to me that Avalon-medium font do not proportion of spacing well related to font size. Did you try different font? Anyway you can fix it by CSS setting custom word-spacing eg: -1px on mobile viewport.


@Rifat_Anik and @Stan
Many times pixles are way to abrubt. I use ems, which give better controll: eg. -0.03em

hi @new_work_city I agree and I always use em unit for letter-spacing. It’s on @Rifat_Anik what unit will use when read some articles about best practices in different scenarios for word-spacing.

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hi @Rifat_Anik do you have any further questions to this topic?

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