Let's do a post of great webflow tutorials on youtube

Every now and then I find a really good channel on youtube that is under the radar. So I figured you guys may too and was hoping we can all share.

So how about it. What are some great youtube channels with webflow tutorials?

You can either list the channel or if there is a specific tutorial/playlist that you want to highlight, link that as well.

And of course, if you are a youtube creator yourself…feel free to self promote your channel :slight_smile:

Here is my first one…

  • Youtuber: Jose Ocando
  • Link to channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWu6X1YS5uF-yloFu3Ilk9Q
  • Channel Description: I’m Jose Ocando, a web designer and webflow developer based in Chattanooga, TN. My proficiency with design software, my understanding of core design principles, a lot of it started here on YouTube. So, I want to give back. I hope you find it helpful and thanks for watching!
  • Note: He hasn’t done one in a few months but the ones he has done are awesome.

Ok gooooooo…


A sort of a plug here but anyway Finsweet hacks is going to be a source of interesting and useful for all levels of designers ideas and uncommon solutions. The plan is to help more advanced WF users (there are a lot of tutorials covering basics already) to make most out of the app.

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awesome!!! is that your channel? i just started checking out the vids last week.

definitely love the idea of helping more advanced WF users. there is a hole in the market for it. i’m dying for more tutorials on how folks are using custom code to build out solutions that aren’t baked into webflow.

This is exactly what is coming soon.

It is Finsweet channel. There will be a lot of interesting resources for designers coming out, so I feel no shame recommending keeping an eye on the channel for further development :wink:

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sweeeeeeeetttttttt… lol pun intended. can’t wait.

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@rileyrichter has an incredible tutorial on using list.js with Webflow CMS to do real-time search and filtering. It’s awesome and realllllly well put together.

See the specific video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9nOs6etokU


This isn’t webflow specific but a really good explanation of easing in animations. i suspect a lot of folks like myself have been choosing easing haphazardly not really knowing the use case for each option.

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