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Lazy load used in webflow

Anyone worked out the best way to apply this in webflow yet. Ive search the forum but its all a bit sketchy.

Or perhaps this isnt the answer - the main problem is the images stack up and need to be refreshed to fall under one another.

Happy to pay for the solution.


Have you tried with a “Fade in on Load” interaction?

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I’m not really sure if I understand what you mean here. In my browser all images are perfectly placed…except for a couple of places where you got an open gap, with only one image on a row/horizontal line. Is this what you mean?

What I do see, though, that might cause some problems, is that your images are extremely large. 3508 x 4961 903.1 kB. That makes the loading of the page, even in Designer, very slow. So maybe it will help to scale them all down?

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Hi Sven,

thanks for the comment,

ive already had help from a very good webflow freelancer (Alex Manyeki) who solved the stack up issue - so what you now see is resolved. As you scroll down he also incorporated a ‘fade in on load’ interaction which seems to simulate a kind of lazyload within isotope. Its working all lot more predictably now.

I put all images I use through the ‘’ filter so I dont seem to get any real issues regards size - but I take your point.